NEWS – Spotify just added an extra feature and it’s quite revolutionary

Music is an intangible product whose different forms of consumption have gradually evolved from physical assets (Vinyls, tapes, CDs) to numerical files (mp3) and streaming (Spotify, Deezer). In this constantly changing industry, consumers have kept asking for more : a 360° experience. Youtube took advantage of this fact by offering music services through its video plateform : live streams of concerts, music videos, unique content and subscription-based services, becoming a bigger actor in the music industry and one of the most commonly used source of music discovery in the world.

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In order to expand its offer and thanks to a variety of partnerships with high tech and music companies, Spotify is now offering videos (some of which will be original content for Spotify) in addition to its music streaming service.The extra feature will be added on Android mobile apps in the upcoming week and later on iOS apps, as announced by Spotify through Mashable and The Wall Street Journal. The service will first be launched in Germany, Sweden, the US and the UK and will be available to paid and unpaid subscribers.

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