A Complete Guide To Montréal Nightlife (Canada)


Most of the clubs in Montreal are located on St Laurent street and the pubs are on Crescent street, but you can find some pretty fancy clubs and bars at Old Port. Montreal is known worldwide for its craaaaaaazy nightlife ! People in Québec are party animals so if you ever get the chance to experience it, ENJOY ! Discover the best Clubs in Montreal in this article while listening to some local DJs’ music ! The best part? You can download their music legally for free !





For younger folks, electro and house music, pole dancing, you have to pay the entry. Conveniently located front of a parking area. Dress to impress !

Pinq Taco
Dress to impress ! Free entrance. A LOT of girls. Very special club and Tequila Bar, with an untypical decoration. Prices aren’t too expensive. Girls get crazy dancing on the couches after midnight !

Cafe Campus
No need to dress up. A lot of girls, mostly students from McGill and Concordia. Electro and house music. There is a big stage. It’s not my favorite because people don’t get crazy. 6 dollars entrance.

No need to dress up. Small club. Nice atmosphere. No entrance fee.

No need to dress up. The DJ looks like Jesus. ALL kinds of music, from rock to electro to weird things; a big mix of everything. It’s a very small club but there are nice and respectful people and a gentle, friendly / warm atmosphere. No entrance fee.





A club on Crescent street (guy-Concordia metro station, downtown). A lot of graduate students from Concordia go there for their “private” parties opened to everyone ! They organize a lot of events. Very nice music, prices at the bar depend on the event. There is an outside terrace, stage and pole bars. Very packed most of the time but always a blast ! The price of the entry varies, during the last Concordia party, it was 8 dollars.





The gay village is a good place to party, to enjoy a karaoke with some amazing Canadian voices, or just watch a drag queen show (very popular here and in a wild atmosphere ! )

Cirque is an after hour club. All clubs in Montreal close at 3AM, so if you wanna keep rocking the night, you have to find an after hour club ! Be careful though, most of them are not recommendable because of drugs use… Cirque is a nice one, very popular but the entrance is expensive (at least 20 dollars).





This is a very fancy place to party ( = extremely expensive and you have to bribe the security guy to get in). There are nice terraces such as the “Auberge du Vieux Port” or “Hotel Nelligan“. If you get hungry, don’t miss the “Méchant boeuf” experience. It’s THE absolute place to be to get a tasty and huge steak ! (50 dollars per plate + taxes + tips). To party there, you have to dress to impress, and be older than 25.




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