Beijing – Beihai Park 北海公园


The crazy thing about Beihai park (北海公园 – «Park of the Northern Sea») is that it is nowhere to be found in popular travel guides. But isn’t The Explorer all about discovering new places? You’re surely not going to regret taking a look at this one.

Hidden behind the Forbidden city, it is a terribly beautiful place to visit. A big Tibetan-inspired white pagoda dominates the 69 hectares park from its hill. You will also find a big lake with lotus shaped boats, many little temples, and the same kind of animations that you can find at the Temple of Heaven park : locals practicing taichichuan, kites, and mahjong games. The park was built in 938 under the Liao dynasty (more than 1000 years ago!) to replicate the most beautiful spots in China : Hangzhou lake, Suzhou water gardens… It is one of the oldest and best-preserved chinese imperial gardens.

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Address : No.1,Wenjin Street,Beijing,China

How to get there : South Gate: Bus 101, 103, 109, 812, 814, 846, North Gate: Bus 107, 111, 118, 701, 823, East Gate : Bus 5. Or exit at the North Gate of th Forbidden city, turn left and head towards the white pagoda (you’ll see it). It will take you 10 minutes to get there.

Opening time : 6:30am to 8pm (to 10pm from June to August)

Entrance fee : 5 RMB (Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov, Dec) and 10 RMB (from April to October)