Beijing – Beijing Opera / Kung Fu

If you want to become a real tourist (but in a positive way), then go to the famous kung fu show of the Red Theatre (红剧场) or to a Beijing Opera performance (a futuristic bubble-like building near the hutongs) !

The Kung Fu show can be booked online for 120 to 150 rmb or in a hostel for 180 to 500 rmb (for the very best seats) all inclusive (transportation + ticket). If you booked your ticket online, exit at Tiantandongmen station (Temple of Heaven, subway line 5, exit B), then take a taxi to go to the red theatre (around 10 rmb). Enjoy the show!

Address : No.44, Xingfu Da Jie, Chongwen District, Beijing
In chinese : 幸福大街44号

Beijing opera shows can be booked directly at the Opera or in a hostel for an average price of 140 to 180 rmb. Recommended for people who love beautiful makeup and costume. Not so recommended for people who don’t like high pitch notes. To know more :  An interesting experience!