Beijing – The Great Wall of China

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Beijing is full of UNESCO treasures when it comes to monuments and magnificent cultural places. On 8 852 kilometers, from Gansu to Hebei province lies one of the most treasured monument of all time : The Great Wall of China.


The legend says that during Qin dynasty, a young man named Fan Qi Liang was forced to work on the Great Wall construction site. His wife, Meng Jiang Nü waited for so long that she finally decided to go to the Great Wall to bring him warm clothes. But by the time she arrived too late. Her husband was dead and buried in the Great Wall. Her sorrow was so great that it made a part of the Wall collapse, revealing her husband’s body. She buried him and killed herself. If the story reminds us of Romeo and Juliet, the monument is a must-see.


  • Mutianyu section

From Dongzhimen bus station (东直門枢纽站), take the fast bus 916 (pronounce “djeeo-yee-leeo-koo-y” to say 916). There are buses only between 6:50am et 7:30pm so be careful ! It takes one hour and 12 yuans to get to Huáiróu station (怀 柔) from where you’ll take a mini-bus (25 to 30 yuans) to arrive at Mutianyu. There is an entrance fee of 45 yuans to visit the Great Wall. If you are lazy and want to take the cable car to go to the top of the Wall, then it will cost you 35 yuans one way or 50 yuans go and return (滑道; huádào).

  • Badaling section 

From Déshèngmén old gate (which is located 500 meters away from Jishuitan station (subway line 2)), take bus number 919 ( 919支线 – 12Y, 80 minutes, every 30 minutes between 7:30-12:00 am). If you wish to take a taxi instead, it will cost you approximatively 400 yuans (for 8 hours, and a maximum of four people). Entrance fee : 45 yuans. Possibility to take a cable car.

 The scenery seduces every single one of us and even a famous dubstep dancer …