Beijing – The summer Palace

There are two “summer palaces” in Beijing, we are talking about the new one. Far from being a full-time palace, the Summer palace (new), as its name indicates, was basically the place where the emperor went on “vacation” to escape the burning hot temperatures of chinese summers at the Forbidden City. The trees and the lake provided him with shadow and freshness. It is not one palace, but a 290 hectares¬†park composed of incredible number of temples, pavilions, pagodas, terraces, stone bridges and a marble boat. Since many tourists want to experience a day in this unique place, you might want to get there early and spend the whole day at the park. Even if it’s 50 kilometers away from the city, the Summer Palace is accessible by subway.

Useful information :

Subway : Line 4, Beigongmen or Xiyuan Station (two different gates of the park)

Opening hours : From 8:30 to 5pm

Entrance fee : 20 Y for the park only (no temples, no pagodas), or 50 Y for everything