Beijing – Tian’an’men and the Forbidden City


As crazy as it might seem, “Tian” means “sky”, “An” is “peace” and “Men” refers to a “gate”, so basically, Tian’an’men means “Gate of the heavenly peace”. Even though the tragedy that took place on this square has been replaced by the huge mausoleum of Mao Zedong, the place remains a must-see and is located right in front of the Forbidden City. You will have to go through a security check in order to enter the square.

From the Ming to the Qing Dynasty, for 600 years, the Forbidden City was the home of chinese emperors, their concubines, eunuchs and servants. Many famous chinese dramas and tv series were inspired by the numerous stories of death, love and betrayal that took place in the palace. The Forbidden City is known for its stories of spirits as well as for its unique history.

Subway line 2 , station “Tiananmen East” or “Tiananmen West” (the entrance to the Forbidden City is located in between these two stations)

Entrance fee : 40 to 60 yuans depending on the season (bring them in cash!)

Opening hours : 8:30am – 16:30pm