Carrie Newcomer – “Everything Is Everywhere”

From Bloomington, Indiana (USA), Carrie Newcomer’s folk music is clearly influenced by Indian traditional music to which she adds her unique voice. She is the kind of singers who observe the world from a different perspective with depth, humor and clarity. Her music caused The Dallas Morning News to rave, “She’s the kind of artist whose music makes you stop, think and then say, ‘that is so true’.” She has been described as “a soaring songstress” by Billboard, a “prairie mystic” by the Boston Globe, and Rolling Stone has said that she “asks all the right questions.” Carrie is one of the definitive voices of the Heartland and progressive spirituality. She was listed as one of “The 50 most influential folk musicians of the past 50 years” by Chicago’s WFMT.

Her album, Everything Is Everywhere, is available for $1,2 here and you can support her on her facebook page.



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