Fernwood – Captivating Melodies From California

Fernwood 2015 B

At The Explorer Mag, we like to introduce deserving artists and brand new music to your ears for you to discover ! Today, we had the chance to interview a very unique band from California : Fernwood.

Through soothing tonalities and captivating melodies, Gayle Ellett and Todd Montgomery (Fernwood) manage to create in their new Album, Arcadia, a unique kind of acoustic music mixing traditional and modern sounds. We could go on and on about the incredible level of musical technicality in their music, but we believe that a much better way to describe Fernwood’s music is to do it through emotions. The melodies are beautiful, surprising and will take you on an incredible musical journey through many cultures, but always with this unique touch of Americana influences that testifies of the band’s roots. We challenge you not to think of gorgeous landscapes while listening to Fernwood’s music. Each track seems to display its own signature, differentiating itself from the previous ones; the music is timeless and never heard before. The instruments are all made of wood and played by two passionate and experienced musicians and composers, bringing a feeling of authenticity to the band’s music.

I will add just one thing : it is always a great pleasure to interview someone and see something light up in his eyes while talking about his music. That’s how you identify a real artist. We want to thank Gayle for showing us that through this interview.

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