FUNK : The Aquaducks from Nashville !



Groovy, catchy, definitely original and out of the box, The Aquaducks’ music will make your day ! You will start taping your foot and soon your whole body will be swinging to the sounds of this 6 members rock-funk band from Nashville, Tennessee.

A saxophone, electric guitars, drums and a symphony of amazing instruments solos and powerful jam sounds, that’s the unique cocktail of The Aquaducks’ music. The band has no musical boundaries and explores genres like reggae, funk, rock and beyond ! Add to that an incredible main singer and the outcome is perfect.



The Aquaducks will release their debut 7-song EP this Thursday (November 7th) but we had the chance to listen to it already. All we can tell you so far is that it’s an amazing one. Beware, their music is completely addictive ! This new opus conveys a strong positive feeling and the kind of atmosphere that makes you wanna dance and sing along. It’s an efficient cure for anyone who had a bad day !



Who are the band members?

From Boston, Massachusetts; Richmond, Virginia; Birmingham, Alabama and St. Louis, Missouri the 6 members of The Aquaducks are Creigh Riepe on vocals and keyboards, Zach Sheffler and Thomas Baxter on guitars, Paul Violante on saxophone, Cade Baxter on bass guitar, and Sam Walker on drums.

Make sure to check their videos and attend their album release show at 12th & Porter on November 7th with Roots Of A Rebellion and Dynamo if you’re in the area ! Get your tickets here.



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