Goldfrapp – The powerful secret of “Annabel”


I came across this song by chance. Even if I had heard about Goldfrapp, I never really listened to her songs. I usually tend to like beautiful, powerful voices. I might just change my mind. While listening to this song, when the first notes hit me, my reaction wasn’t much different from the one of other people all over the planet. The comments I read talked about tears, emotions, shivers flowing down their spine. I have to say that I felt it too, this strange, intense atmosphere in the song, this little something that you cannot describe, this thing that reaches you, this relaxing tune and captivating voice, these powerful lyrics murmured like a secret. “You are the truth they deny”. Goldfrapp tells us about this little boy who dreams of being someone else. The story is touching. The lyrics have a true meaning. And the song, by being so incredibly complex and simple at the same time, is a true masterpiece, and a bubble of peace. The thing that I will remember from this song is when her voice reaches the high notes with a lyrical ease.

Goldfrapp – “Annabel”

What did you think about this song? Did you know about Goldfrapp?