James Bay – The Gem of Acoustic Music


James Bay, it’s some groove, clapping hands in certain songs (Try “Collide” !), but a whole load of tenderness in other ones. It’s a raw voice with clean acoustic guitar chords, it’s powerful lyrics wrapped in a veil of beauty (Now try to resist to his song “Stealing Cars“). James Bay… Remember this name. Before I heard this singer-songwriter from UK for the first time, I could have never imagined that one single man could carry in his heart such passion, and be such a unique, amazing, concentrate of talent. I waited. I waited for this one song that might disappoint me. This one thing that could make me say that maybe, just maybe, I was wrong and that he was just like any other singer. But as far as I’ve tried, in these two incredible EPs (Yes, I’m talking about The Dark Of The Morning and Demos), there has been no mistake, not a single repeated pattern, never a single lack of emotion : just pure plain perfection and always this inimitable musical signature.

Generous in his music, he also is with his fans who, after they had the pleasure to discover his song “Stealing Cars” through Beauty & The Beast (the new Fantasy / Thriller TV Show from CW), can now legally download his music for free on his Soundcloud account (which The Explorer Mag strongly advises you to follow !) or on his official website.