JP Cooper – When The Darkness Comes


You colour me in gold, lips like petals on my throat“… No fancy echoes and no auto-tune. Just an acoustic guitar and a voice. A very very beautiful voice. We knew this man was special. From the very first line of the first track, it was an evidence. The fluidity in his voice. The unusual guitar arpeggios. Drawing complex vocal and guitar patterns with a rare level of clarity and fluidity, JP Cooper, that’s his name, brings a unexplainable freshness and renewal to the UK music scene. You recognize a hit when, no matter how many times you listen to it, you are always overwhelmed by its beauty. “Colour Me In Gold” was indeed the premise of the long series of stunning self-produced masterpieces that composed his debut album “When The Darkness Comes”. The Manchester native’s voice is gold to our ears, no matter how catchy, soulful or tender it is.

JP Cooper is currently on tour and released his first album When The Darkness Comes. Make sure to grab a ticket or a copy !

“You Colour Me In Gold”

“We Were Raised Under Grey Skies”