NEWS – Samsung is entering the virtual reality movie production market

The most famous Apple competitor just announced its plan to enter the virtual reality movie production market. During the Sundance Film Festival, Marc Mathieu (Chief marketing executive of Samsung) unveiled the company’s brand new project : launching a virtual reality movie studio in New York in the near future, writing his name as a pioneer in this promising market.

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On top of this, the company will build a long term partnership with the Sundance Institute, known for its innovative projects in the movie industry. If new technologies like 3D printing, high level artificial intelligence and virtual reality are perceived as full of potential for the future, the reality of the market shows that companies such as Samsung will have to double their effort to make them accessible to a larger audience. Samsung’s future challenge will be to develop awareness about them and increase the demand in order to lower the prices currently seen on the market : The 3000$ Microsoft HoloLens, the 699$ Avegant Glyph or the 599$ Oculus Rift.
The company already expressed its desire to bring these technologies to a wider audience with its 90$ Gear VR headset.
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