Rachel Sermanni : “I love it when people come to tell me how they interpret my songs”


Today, The Explorer Mag had the privilege to interview the beautifully talented Scottish folk singer and songwriter Rachel Sermanni ! Known for her acoustic ballads, powerful lyrics, and folk melodies, Rachel is an artist whose name you should remember. She’s currently on tour so make sure to attend one of her gigs if you’re around !


1. When and how did you decide to become the Rachel Sermanni you are now? 

My debut as an artist was probably directing my siblings and small cousins in a string of plays that we put on for our parents, in the living room about 15 years ago. They were spectacular performances. But the first time I took to the stage to sing a song that I’d written was when I was about 15. It was a battle of the bands in a neighbouring village. I nearly fell over for the shakes. Severe stage-fright. I also nearly cried. It was a thrill. I won a microphone.


2. If you had to listen to 2 artists for the rest of your life, who would they be?

Arvo Part



3. You are about to release «The Boatshed Sessions», what is the story behind this EP and what messages are you trying to convey through it?

I guess I’m conveying through “The Boatshed Sessions” simplicity, spontaneity, serendipity and trust. The songs were writ. I wanted to have them christened in a very raw and real way. Without any fancy studio or editing programs. I invited a group of good musicians who I’m lucky enough to call friends to join me in a Boatshed my manager and I had discovered beside a loch up in Ullapool in the Highlands. Here we set up some basic recording equipment. Put in a real piano. I played the new songs to my friends. There and then we arranged them. There and then, and into the night, they were recorded. I feel like you can hear the wood and the stillness of the water through the recordings.


4. You are currently on tour, what are the best memories you keep from your performances and fans so far  ?

I love it if ever someone comes to ask about a song or to tell me how they interpret them. I have seen some beautiful creations inspired by my creations. It’s a nice chain reaction thing.


5. Where will your upcoming shows be?

Aldershot next. Then a huge list…. www.rachelsermanni.net


6. Where does your inspiration come from and which one of your song best represents who you are as a person and an artist?

I was just speaking with my auntie there. Talking about my propensity towards the darkness with my songs. Perhaps they’re like equalisers for my character. I’m naturally quite a happy person. So perhaps if you add the songs to my person you get a good calculation of a wholesome, human representation.


7. You had the chance to make several TV appearances, how did it have an impact on your career?

We probably sold a couple more CD’s. A lot of people who saw me on Tele at new year have since attended my gigs.


8. What’s your favorite song to belt out in your car/shower/bedroom, at the bar or for karaoke?

If I need to release some tension by moving wildly, I often put on Pumped Up Kids by Foster the people.



9. What would be your best advice on how to compose a song and what’s your favorite part of the songwriting process?

Start with asking yourself how you’re really feeling. Strip it to the bone. Let go of cliches and connect with the random images under the conditioned veneer. I like it when you successfully reach the end of a song, knowing you’ve hit the tender spot of an inside truth.


10. If we switched places and I was the artist and you were asking the questions; what is one question you would ask me? How would you reply to it?

Do you like the rain ?    Yes.


11. Do you have a fun anecdotes that your fans don’t know about you and would be surprised to hear?

I have a rap.
I have performed it once. In Groningen.



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