Seoul – Places you don’t want to miss

Seoul is both a modern and historical city. We were impressed by its beauty. You can expect to find an incredibly authentic temple or palace at the nearest street corner (Let’s make an exception for Hongdae et Gangnam). The city protects its monuments like a treasure which means that they are perfectly renovated and makes a lot of efforts to support cultural events in the capital.

The tourism office of Seoul (located near Jongak station) offers free korean food classes as well as themed events (ex : dress up with traditional clothes) and “lectures” about Korean culture in English and French. Fact is, We were interviewed by KBS (and asked to sing some K-pop!) while wearing a traditional costume after ending in one of these events totally by chance because a friend decided we should go. Just like us, give Seoul a chance to surprise you ! Take a look at the online listings of events and go! You will meet extraordinary people, we promise.

Our list of places to visit in Seoul is not exhaustive, but it sums up the places we thought you should not miss !

  • Gyeongbokgun and the royal palaces

If you’re planning on visiting them all, we advise you to buy the special «pass» for 10 000 wons (7 euros). You will have an access to all of them! It is valid for a month ! More details here :

  • Insa-dong Market (인사동)

Located very close to Jongak station (subway line 1), you will find in Insa dong market traditional art and numerous street snacks! To know more :

  • Hongdae district (홍대앞)

«Hongik University» station, subway line 2, exit 9. Located between two universities, this district is very famous for its nightlife. All the students gather there to have a drink in pubs, sing in a noraebang ( karaoke = 20 000 wons per hour to rent a 5 person room) and dance all night long in clubs (Entrance fees are usually 15 000 to 20 000 wons per person with a free drink)

Gangnam district (only if you’re a fan of Kpop…and partying!)

Of course, you know the mighty «Psy» with his oh-so-famous song «Gangnam style». Gangnam, just like Hongdae, is a famous «nightlife» and student district of Seoul.