Seoul – Sleep, Eat, Transportation

Seoul is one of our favourite cities in the world. It was the starting and ending point of our backpacker journey in South Korea and we keep amazing memories from it !

Capital of the Choson kingdom before becoming the South Korean capital, a few miles away from the DMZ, Seoul (서울) is a city that beautifully mixes tradition and modernity with numerous palaces, temples and other historic places to visit! You will not get bored ! The city is the fourth biggest city in the world after Tokyo, New York and Mexico city with a population of 2 800 000 citizens! Korean culture is composed of three main things : Food, history/religion, and nightlife.

  • Sleep

The hostel we were in was called “Seoul Hostel Center” : – Small but clean rooms with a cool & friendly staff and a first step into Korean culture ! You will pay 8 to 12 euros per person / night for a private room with a bunk bed. Access : Jongak station, subway line 1.

  • Transportation

Take the special bus to the city center from the airport (ask the airport staff for directions). It costs 10 000 wons (around 7 euros) per person. Then take the subway. A basic subway ticket costs 1 150 wons. You will find more details here :

  • Meals

You will find restaurants everywhere but we recommend the ones that you can find in the Insadong area (between 7 to 10 euros per person).