South Korea – Culture

Traveling to a country like South Korea means discovering a brand new culture with its unique characteristics and cultural differences. You will be surprised for sure, but here are the 3 main cultural points you need to know about South Korea.

  • The Korean alphabet

Korean is a unique language. Easily pronounceable, it is based on an alphabet, which differentiates the country from its nearest neighbors. The different components of its writing are indeed nothing else than vowels and consonants! It’s King Sejong The Great, an icon of Korean history, who created in 1443 this alphabet now known as one of the most ingenious in the world! Each «letter» is drawn depending on the shape of our mouth while pronouncing it!

  • Respect of the elders

You will notice it, the notion of respect is very important in Korean culture. In the subway, never seat on the seats located at the right end of the wagon. It is meant for the elders. It is also strictly forbidden to speak too loud in the subway or to have a phone conversation. While having a drink with koreans, make sure to respect the right order : Politely turn away from anyone who is older than you to drink your glass. Never pour anything in your glass by yourself. Wait for another person to do that for you.

  • Dress Code

Physical appearance is VERY (and it’s an understatement) important in South Korea. Even though Korean girls are very feminine (high heels and short skirts), know that in Asia, if it’s not shocking to show one’s legs, a deep cleavage and nude shoulders are perceived as being highly inappropriate. Seoul, the capital, is known for its fashion! Koreans take care of their appearance, and it’s easy to notice. You will also see a lot of advertising for plastic surgery because it is very popular among Korean boys and girls.