South Korea – Introduction

12th economic power in the world, South Korea (대 한민국) is an Asian republic whose currency is the «Won» (to give you an idea, in 2012, 10 000 wons were equal to something like 7 euros). Its language is one of the rare asian languages to have an alphabet, the Hangeul which is known to be one of the most logical ones in the world! It is only separated by the DMZ from its neighbor, North Korea, like two radically different sisters.

Here are the basic words you should know how to say :

Hi! 안녕하세요! (pronunciation : Anyo asseo )

Thanks 감사합니다 (pronunciation : kansa-amnida)

Yes 예 / 네 (pronunciation : yé / né) No 아니오 (pronunciation : anio)



  • Transportation

Book your plane tickets early. The Explorer recommends that you use websites like and to do so because that’s usually where we find the cheapest tickets.

  • Accommodation

Forget about hotels, sleep in youth hostels? You are 30 or more? So what? If you like to meet people from all around the world, then youth hostels are made for you! We once met a 72 year old man in a dorm in Gyeongju ! As long as you’re young in your mind, that’s all that matters! Know that in South Korea, just like it is the case in China and other countries as well, it is possible to book your hostel online using websites like , , or . If you know any other hostels booking sites, please add them as a comment!

Prefer dorms for more attractive prices, but know that you can also book private rooms in a youth hostel for cheaper prices than in a hotel. Each price you can read on the websites are usually per person.

  • Places to eat

Be prepared. Life in South Korea is much more expensive than life in China, Thailand, Vietnam, …. If you are a good explorer, it’s possible to eat for 7 euros per person. If you want to spend even less money while still trying some local food, you can go to supermarkets (7-eleven for example) and cook your food at the hostel (most hostels have a kitchen for their guests) or eat one of these amaaaazing rice triangles.