Triptern : The Innovative Trip Planning App (Interview)


Did you ever wonder what it would be like to decide right now to go pay a visit to the Queen in London, have a drink in Toronto or eat the best spanish tapas in Barcelona without having to worry about all the technical details (addresses, opening hours, etc…)?


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Impossible you say? Some people like challenges. And we like this kind of people. Today, The Explorer Mag got the chance to interview Anupam Pathak , Shailendra Sason and Anand Mohan, the three founders of your new favourite web app : Triptern. Listen while you read !





The TripTern Concept

TripTern is a social travel web application that entirely plans your trip in a few minutes by creating customized itineraries in 13 cities around the world based on your interests, hotel choice and travel dates.

The app includes in its algorithm the transfer time from the hotel to the attraction as well as restaurants suggestions for lunch or dinner ! You can login via Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to ask other members about must-see places or to share your trip on these social networks. Don’t worry about the maps, they’re included as well. Oh, and they are working on an offline android app so that travelers can plan/modify his/her itinerary without relying on network connection.



How they came up with the idea


After having worked in IT industry for over 5  years, the three Information Technology graduates faced a problem while planning a trip to remote areas of India : They couldn’t find a one stop destination for their travel needs and decided to create Triptern to solve it. The site is currently in beta mode with approximately 6,000 users as of January 10, 2013 and seem to have quite a promising future.

“We believe that travel planning today is a fragmented and stressful experience. If you decide to visit a new city like Barcelona, then you have to go to one site to figure out top ten places, another site to get their locations and opening schedule and another one to book some additional individual tickets etc. Even after doing all this, the average traveler is at a loss, as he/she doesn’t know about whether the top ten places picked are according to his/her interests or not.” Anand Mohad told The Explorer Mag. “With TripTern, we’re trying to consolidate this fragmented experience and to make it as customized as possible. So, with TripTern, in 3 clicks you can get a personalized itinerary and can further customize it if you like”





What motivated in the entrepreneur way of life?

“In India the startup ecosystem is still in infancy stage. The way of life here is to get a secure job, get married and settle down. It’s very hard to break down these shackles and chalk out your own path unless you’ve a burning desire to succeed. Since TripTern is a novel and innovative concept, when we’re in concept stage we’ve been told by many people that this will not work, but we relied on this gem from Steve Jobs : “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” ~Steve Jobs”



What have been your main challenges (the ups and downs)?

Initially the challenge was to get in-depth data for cities. We solved this problem by writing our own web scraping and machine learning algorithms to collect, clean and rank data automatically. Now we’ve developed almost 100% automatic system to add a new city to TripTern.


What is an average workday like for you?

We start our workday by checking emails from customers and other interested people.Since currently our focus is on android app, we start working on it by brainstorming features and then setting goal for those features and goal for the day. Late night we try to unwind by discussing anything except TripTern and maybe go outside.


Who’s the main target of Trip Tern?

The main target of TripTern is a net savvy traveler who wants to plan his/her own triptern but doesn’t want to waste time by going to 10-15 sites to plan trip.


TripTern now has 6000 users, how did you manage to get such a big audience?

Mostly it has been word of mouth. We’ve been covered by some of the big Tech publications so that also helped along the way.




– You like exploring places, discovering new people and cultures

– You don’t fancy travel agencies that much because you prefer having a real customized experience with the locals.

– With the whole packing thing, the language learning, and the preparation / planning process, you don’t enjoy your trip as much as you’d like to.

Imagine a perfect place where you wouldn’t have to worry  about actually preparing your trip. A place where the only thing you’d need would be an internet access, your suitcase, a plane ticket and a valid passport to fully enjoy your it. If you’d like that to be true, then the app is for you.



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