Unusual Korea – Your initiation to Kpop !

The famous band “BigBang”

I could write pages about K-Pop or “Korean pop” (but I’ll try to keep short in this article) since I’ve been listening to it since I was nine (along with many other genres of music, be reassured). Yes. I know. A lot longer before it actually became as insanely famous as it is now. I was there before “Gangnam Style”. Before “Tonight”. I experienced the media fever when the TVXQ split up into two different bands (TVXQ and JYJ). History, you’d say? Yup. I might sound like an old lady right now, but I have to say that I have been quite surprised by the sudden fame and internalization of Kpop. When I started listening to it, we had to struggle to get a CD or access any performance online. Now, the bands come to you, like at the yearly Kpop convention in Paris.  It’s a delight. And above all, it brought people’s attention on a wonderful, beautiful, memorable country : South Korea.

You might love it or hate it (trust me, there’s hardly a “in-between”) but you shouldn’t by any mean neglect this ESSENTIAL (and I mean it!) aspect of Korean culture. Kpop is everywhere. In the clubs, in the street, on the screens in the subway and Kpop bands / artists are advertising pretty much all types of Korean products (and foreign ones as well) so you should expect to see some of these familiar faces on every single billboard you’ll walk passed. The rhythm is catchy, the choreographies, incredible, and the costumes…. well…. you’ll decide.

Kpop is a whole institution in Korea. It has its pretty side (glitters, beauty, dance, talent), and its impact on other people (the ugly side…). If you are a novice, it’s never too late, don’t worry. In the constantly evolving world of Kpop, it’s very hard to keep up with the flow and remain updated. But here is a quick mashup that mixes three of the most famous Kpop bands / artists : BigBang, 2NE1, and …. PSY. That’s a beautiful side. But as you noticed, I also joined a video about the impact of Kpop of Korean culture (example : Plastic surgery) which will help you understand it a bit better.

The Beautiful side :


The less beautiful side :


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