Unusual Seoul – 10 Unusual things to do in Seoul


Seoul is an unusual place in itself where discovery is a daily feeling. But if you run out of ideas and want to get out from the most known spot, do this! (Click on the links)

#1. If you have $65 to invest in some Korean cooking skills, learn how to cook in Seoul or do that back home watching Maangchi‘s Youtube channel !

#2. Eat local crazy food : Live octopus or insects like Beongdegi (번데기 – We did it and it was not that bad!)

#3. If you’re a couple, go buy some couple clothes like it’s so famous in Korea !

#4. Learn the Gangnam style and Gentleman choreographies (or any Kpop choreography) and go party in Hangdae or Gangnam !

#5. Oops. Forgot to mention : Before you go party, drink that, it prevents any hangover!

#6. Feel like a rap king in the korean subway.

#7. Leave notes in restaurants, just to be part of the memories.

#8. Go sing your heart out at the noraebang (Karaoke room) with your friends or other travelers / students !

#9. Go take a bath in a jjimjilbang (찜질방) or enjoy the gaming experience in a PCbang (PC방)

#10. Watch a taekwondo performance for free (for details : here)