Unusual Seoul : Catsliving : a Cat cafe in Seoul!

Picture by “Plenty of flour”

We were walking through Hongdae disctrict during the day and had pretty much visited most of the main places to see so we were looking for something different to do. We ended up having a drink in this unusual place totally by chance ! Even though we are not cats addicts, we truly enjoyed the experience and would definitely recommend it to you guys!

Catsliving is a cat cafe (which means that the area is arranged for cats to feel comfortable (yeah…I know, having a drink with 20 cats around might not be a universal dream) but it’s very clean, has good music playing and really nice drinks to taste ! You go there to relax, enjoy the presence of cats and experience a typically Asian concept!

Access : Get off the subway at “Hongik University” station (exit 9), then you walk, you will find Catsliving in a very small street on the side. It is located in front of a restaurant called “Chef” right next to the Hello Kitty Cafe (we will talk about it in another post). Take the stairs until you reach the second floor. 7000 wons per drink. Yes, that’s more expensive than other places, but you pay for the experience rather than the drink. You can stay until the cafe closes. To know more : http://w1p.fr/68186