Unusual Seoul – Charlie Brown Cafe (Snoopy)

By Victoria Dawn Photography

Themed cafes are pretty usual in Seoul. When other cafes like Catsliving or the Hello Kitty Cafe are girly concepts, guys might prefer the famous Charlie Brown Cafe, or, as we call it, the Snoopy cafe. Your waffles, chocolates, ice creams will be take the shape of the main characters of the comic. Saying you will be surprised is an understatement. Just like other themed cafes, you will never cease to be astonished by the tiny little details. We will stop here and let you experience the place by yourself.

Access : Hongik University (subway line 2 – the green one), exit 9 (You’ll find an explanatory map by “seoulsearching” below). Follow the map and go to the first floor once you see the “Charlie Brown” sign.

Map to Charlie Brown Cafe (by seoulsearching)