Why You Should Travel If You Can

You haven’t heard about the team yet, so here is an opportunity to change that a little. I founded The Explorer Mag because I felt like discovery in music, travels, cooking, and much more was something that was very important to each and everyone of us. We wanted to share our experiences with you and hopefully learn about yours, or make you discover new talented artists and amazing destinations to travel to.

So who am I ? Nationality : French.

I lived in Texas where I discovered Country music, amazing gospel voices, the redneck culture, and met my first longhorns cows. China was next. There, I learned about humility, open mindedness and honor (and acquired some bargaining skills along the way). France taught me the power of culture codes and gourmet meals and the craziness of fashion trends (and how to bake cakes, way too many cakes). I then stayed for a while in Luxembourg, a tiny little country that brought together more nationalities than anywhere else in the world around traditional events such as a gigantic Christmas market. Next step is Denmark. I’ve traveled to a lot of countries because I wanted to know what laid beyond the borders of my country. Curiosity was the vector of these travels. Knowledge and experience were the outcomes.

Whatever the place, I kept the best of its culture and its locals taught me a lot. I got to meet amazing people that spoke various languages, and had extremely different philosophies. If you’re reading The Explorer Mag, you probably share the same passion for travels and discoveries. But if you’re still hesitating to travel but have an opportunity to do so as well as the time and budget, then don’t miss it. You will learn more about yourself and the world in a few days or months than in a lifetime. Share your experiences with us using the comments section below or by email (see contact section). We will publish the best ones !